Counsel from on High

By this love all men will know that we are His disciples.

Hear God's Heart

On July 1, I was praying about all that is going on in our country and I asked, “Abba, what do we need to hear right now?”  He immediately spoke:

“I have not forgotten you.  Your names are written on the palms of My hands.  What the enemy’s meant for evil I am turning to good. 

Do you not see it? Do you not hear it?

There is a stirring in the masses as righteousness is beginning to rule. Anger rages in those deceived. Pray for them. The enemy is stirring hatred. Shut him down with love and grace and mercy.

If you are truly One with Me, walk in the Light as I am in the Light. The only ones I showed anger toward while I was on the earth were the Pharisees and Sadducees who were caught up in pride and arrogance, accusing and ruling the people with…

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