Fear Not – God Will Keep Us

Hear God's Heart

How do you read your Bible? Do you have a yearly reading schedule where you read a certain number of chapters each day sequentially from Genesis to Revelation? I’ve done that several times as well as other systems. Lately, I’ve been digging deep into the book of Revelation and have a binder full of notes and insights. But this past week I decided to take a day away from Revelation and ask the Lord where He wanted me to read. I heard, “John 17.”

At first, I hesitated—was this Him speaking? I’ve read and studied John 17 many times, could there be something in it that I’ve missed? I decided if it was Him I would soon discover, if I read it.

Starting with prayer—”Father, please stop me on what You want me to see in this chapter,” I began to read John 17 slowly and out loud. Most of…

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